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Pop-Up with Mi Vida Boutique from Los Angeles!


FREE TICKETS: https://www.facebook.com/events/612331115886376/

We are excited to host a very special POP-UP event with Noelle and Dominic of Mi Vida - a Latinx boutique from Los Angeles. Located in Highland Park, Mi Vida Boutique is the go-to- spot in LA for Latinx hats, patches, pins, stickers, clothing, T-shirts and more. Dominic and Noelle are traveling to Phoenix especially for US!

Come visit and shop from them, you'll be blown away by their original merchandise, all designed by the two of them! They even created exclusive merchandise for this event! From their website:

"Mi Vida Live La Chicana Lifestyle 

Mujer Lifestyle & Apparel brand inspired by nuestra Vida, Arte y Cultura. Our retail business was created in 2008 with the purpose of providing the surrounding community a shopping experience that compliments their lifestyle, incorporating cultural elements into fashion and functional art. Over these last years, we have dedicated our efforts to create a local and stable marketplace para la comunidad and we continue to provide outlets for our local artists, young and old."

While you are here, aside from Mucho Mas Art Studio, you can see Galeana 39, Beat It Bakery and Palabras Bilingual Bookstore!

Pre-order your free ticket and bring it to the event for a free VIP gift!

Visit them on Instagram and let them know you are excited for the pop-up!

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Crafty Chica Vision Board Workshop


TICKETS ($25): https://tinyurl.com/muchomasvision2019

There's a lot that goes into making the perfect vision board and Kathy, the Crafty Chica, is here to help. She will provide all the supplies needed, as well as the knowledge and examples for making a fun and powerful visual guide to manifest your goals. She will talk about the different areas of your life and how to choose and curate images and phrases with meaning to match your mind's vision. Kathy has been making shrines, shadowboxes, journals, resolution calendars - all themed around visual manifestation and she is here to prove vision boards (in any form) really work!

This workshop is different from last year's in that each guest will receive a 'kit' that includes supplies and extra motivational items by Kathy! Bring anything special of your choice that you would like to use.


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